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Creating Motion in Areas of Your Life Where You Need it Most

Creating Motion in Areas of Your Life Where You Need it Most

Creating Motion in Areas of Your Life Where You Need it MostCreating Motion in Areas of Your Life Where You Need it Most

Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical counselling?

Clinical counselling helps people improve their mental, emotional and physical health while encouraging positive relationships with self and others.  The building of a trusting and comfortable relationship between client and counsellor is important, as counselling may cover topics of distress and discomfort.  Therefore, questions or comments on the overall counselling process are encouraged and are invited at any time.

Can I talk to a counsellor before scheduling an initial session?

Absolutely.  We are happy to connect with you before your first session. We are open to answering any questions you should have regarding services. Motion Counselling provides a 15-minute phone consultation for clients, free of charge.

Is everything I discuss with my counsellor confidential?

Information about counselling sessions will not be released to anyone outside of Motion Counselling without your informed, voluntary, and written consent. Exceptions to client confidentiality include the following: 

  • When you may be a danger to yourself or others
  • When there is suspicion or disclosure of abuse of vulnerable persons, such as a child or elderly person
  • When records are subpoenaed by court order  

What can I expect during my first session?

During the first session, together we will review the major components of counselling (the nature of counselling, informed consent, confidentiality, rights and responsibilities, etc.). We will then explore your personal history, reasons for seeking counselling and discuss ways in which you wish your life to be different.

Is online counselling suitable for everyone?

No, online counselling is not suitable for everyone. Online counselling is not suitable if:

  • You are in crisis
  • You are suicidal and/or homicidal
  • You are under direct psychiatric care
  • You are under 16 years of age and unable to obtain consent from a parent/guardian

Are services covered by my Extended Health Plan?

Many extended health benefit plans offer coverage for counselling fees. Check with your benefits provider to see if they cover Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC). Additionally, some individuals are able to submit receipts as a medical expense with their income tax. Please speak to your accountant to determine if you are eligible. Please note that we do not offer direct billing at this time, and clients are responsible to seek reimbursement from their plan providers.